How To Compare Project Management Software

How To Compare Project Management Software

Project management software has become indispensable in today’s business scenario. Any business that wants to fast track their growth uses a project management tool as it helps them to be more structured in their approach and achieve their goals quicker. Let us first understand the benefits offered by a project management software:

  • Foster better collaboration between departments, and different teams in the same department
  • Facilitates better communication with customers, vendors and other stakeholders
  • Enables proper allocation of resources
  • Helps in budgeting precisely
  • Allows sharing of documents
  • Control access to data depending on role in the project
  • Easier delegation of tasks and responsibilities
  • Break down the project into manageable tasks and sub tasks
  • Easily track deadlines and milestones
  • Integrate new team members easily
  • Standardize processes for better functioning
  • Enhance productivity and complete projects within deadlines and set budgets

So now you understand the importance of implementing an effective project management software in your business. The decision to get a PMS software is easy; what is not so easy is the decision as to which tool to purchase – after all, the market is flooded with project management systems. Which one to get? How do you compare the ones available?


Before we get to the specifics, remember a few things:

  • Never go by marketing hype about the PMS tools
  • Search the internet and go through the features offered by each software
  • Read up reviews left by previous users or customers regarding the project management systems
  • Check if any one is offering a demo or a week’s or month’s free trial
  • Enquire about payment options

Now when you are going through the features offered by each project management system, these are the things you need to check thoroughly:


The success of any project hinges on the cooperation and collaboration among team members and between various teams and departments. The first thing you need to examine is whether how robust the collaboration features are. An efficient project management system should provide for effective and smooth communication, and make it easy to share data and documents and organize them as well, simplifying work. The project management software you purchase must have all these features.

Resource Management

This is the trickiest, most complicated aspect of managing a project – allocating resources (human and material) in such a way that it is sufficient, neither more nor less. Exact allocation and efficient management of these resources should be made easy by an effective PMs tool. You should be able to identify, organize, and track your resources precisely to ensure neither wastage nor shortage.

Project Management

This may surprise you, but it is very important! Not all project management tools solve your issues; some can actually create problems for you. Pay careful attention to the features and tools offered by each project management software – are they robust, functional, convenient and flexible? Are you able to add or remove features as per the specific needs of your business? Does it include features like managing tasks, schedules, calendars, uploading documents, time tracking, managing deadlines and milestones, and so on? Scrutinize the project management tool with a fine tooth comb to ascertain that it has all of this which actually supports and eases managing your projects.

Scalability and Flexibility

A good project management software should be able to handle the extra workload as your busines grows and you add more projects, tasks, resources, documents, and so on, and function as smoothly as before. It should also offer flexibility to add and remove features or tools as per the specific requirements of your business.

User Friendliness

Undoubtedly, whenever you implement any software in your business, there will be a learning curve. However, it should not take so long that it keeps you away from your core tasks for too long. Mastering the features and tools of the project management system software should be fairly quick and easy – after all, this software is meant to make your life simpler, not complicate it. If your PMS cannot accomplish this, then it is obviously not the tool for you.


It goes without saying that you will need tech support when you cannot figure out how to work the project management software at times, or if something is not happening the way you want it to. You should have round the clock access to help in different forms like FAQs, live chat, email, telephone, or forums. Make sure this feature is a priority on your checklist. There is absolutely no substitute for robust support when you are in dire need of it.

To Sum Up

Doing research and comparing different project management software tools can seem like a lot of extra work but it is absolutely necessary, and totally worth it. An ineffective project management system can end up causing more problems than it solves. You also have to consider your budgetary constraints of course. Make sure that the project management system you choose is one your business can afford, and which offers most, if not all of the above features that we discussed.

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