IPIX PMS For Project Management

How IPIX PMS Can Be Effectively Used For Project Management

Every business has certain goals that need to be achieved; these can be achieved by performing certain tasks. Keeping track of all these tasks can be complicated, arduous and time consuming; a project management software can help you streamline the entire process. IPIX PMS is a user friendly project management system that is powered by the cloud – letting your team access vital information and work on resolving issues even on the move.

IPIX PMS is packed with features that simplify the complex job of managing projects:

Time Tracking

With IPIX PMS you can keep track of every second that is spent working on any project – not only within office premises but even outside, thanks to mobile tracking. This means you know exactly how much to bill your customers, and how much is non-billable. IPIX PMS has an intuitive interface, and even a non-technical person can create projects and customers easily; all employees working on a specific project can record time using the timers provided, along with a description of the task performed. This way, you can make sure that your employees are making proper and productive use of their time, and not wasting it. The geolocation tracking feature enables you to map team members’ time entries, allowing you to see who is clocking time, where they are, their travel routes and times and more; this helps to protect your business from fraudulent time logging. You may even be able to suggest alternative, more efficient routes to employees so that they can save time. IPIX PMS helps your business to hold its employees accountable.

Plan and Execute Projects

With IPIX PMS you can plan the minute details of every project by breaking a large project into small manageable chunks. You can configure project requests to be automated. IPIX PMS seamless integrates with over 50 software products, helping you to ensure perfect planning as well as execution and timely delivery.

The PMS allows you to meticulously plan every project down to the smallest detail. By breaking large projects down to small, easily manageable parts and tasks, you can easily track the progress of the project. Project requests can be automated, and with seamless integration of over 50 software products, you can not only plan projects well, you can ensure it is executed to the T and delivered within the agreed time.

Manage Team Resources

When you start work on a new project, you can break it down into different tasks and sub-tasks, create deadlines for the completion of each task, and assign responsibilities to employees. You can check who is relatively free or has their hands full, as each project will be entered in the IPIX PMS project management system. You can set access levels on a need-to basis. IPIX PMS also has rich reporting capabilities, and this helps you to see if any team member is slacking off, and who is meeting the milestones and deadlines, keep track of how the project is progressing, and whether you need to intervene.

Easy Communication

In any business, communication is vital; rather than struggling with long and convoluted email threads and multiple spreadsheets or databases, with IPIX PMS you can communicate easily via the message board that’s visible to all team members who are working on the project. The project management software also makes it easier to collaborate on spreadsheets and presentations.

Replace long, confusing email threads; no more struggling with multiple spreadsheets and databases; no more despair in leaving messages that go unread. This tool lets you communicate and collaborate with ease – not only among team members, but also with customers, hired resources and more. This helps everyone to be on the same page; any issues that need to be tackled, any task being held up for any reason – all of these can be communicated to team members and resolved.

Automate Workflows

With IPIX PMS you can end the monotony of performing repetitive tasks by automating them. IPIX PMS offers templates and allows you to automate report generation, invoicing, and other processes, freeing your team members to focus on critical tasks.

Real-time Visibility

With a project management software solution, your business gets real time visibility into the status of tasks in the project, and the project as a whole. You can check if you’re meeting deadlines, staying within budget, if your team members are fulfilling tasks given to them, and more. It gives you actionable insights that allows you to take corrective action if required. Your customers will enjoy the transparency as they too have visibility into the project progress to a certain extent.

Increase Revenues

With more efficient planning, smoother execution and delivery of projects, and savings in time and expenditure, your business will enjoy better revenues and higher profitability – and this is the ultimate goal of any business. IPIX PMS project management software is flexible and scalable, which means it can be tweaked to meet the specific requirements of your business, and can scale up or down with your business.

IPIX PMS is a cost-effective project management tool that is being widely deployed in businesses cutting across industry verticals. Its flexibility, ease of use, and rich features, along with the fact that it runs on the cloud makes it a highly desirable project management software solution for small and medium businesses.

If you have been searching for reliable and efficient project management software, your search ends with IPIX PMS. To know how it can be implemented for your business and other details, contact us today at enquiry@ipixtechnologies.com and we will tell you how we can help you.