Project Delivery and Customer Satisfaction

How IPIX PMS improves Project Delivery and Customer Satisfaction

Any business that hopes to conduct its business efficiently, and stay competitive in today’s world, needs a project management system. A PMS solution helps the business to track each project meticulously and ensure its timely delivery without compromising on quality.

IPIX PMS is a flexible, comprehensive, and intuitive project management software solution that helps business automate and streamline business operations, and enhance productivity.

IPIX PMS allows you to break down the entire project into bite-sized, easily manageable components. You can set milestones and deadlines, and keep track of each specific milestone being achieved and activity being completed.

For example, let’s say a business needs a new e-commerce site. So the main deadline would be for the date of project delivery. Based on that, the development of the site can be broken down into smaller tasks, something like this:

  • Imagine the delivery of the site to be within 6 months from this date.
  • The roadmap to the project to be ready within 1 week, after discussions with client
  • The first mockup of the site to be finished in 6 weeks and sent for client approval.
  • Second, modified design to be submitted in 10 weeks.
  • Final design to be ready in 12 weeks
  • Content to be added by week 15 – finalize after client approval by week 18
  • Testing to be completed by week 21
  • Final round of client review, modifications etc – week 23
  • Ready to deploy by week 24

This makes it very easy to track the progress of each task.

Additionally, for every activity, responsibility is assigned to an individual, and overall responsibility lies with the project manager. All the responsible individuals’ names can be viewed on the system’s project page; this also helps the management to know if any employee is overloaded with work, or can take on more work. In other words, it helps in the equitable and optimal distribution of resources.

IPIX PMS is a cloud powered application, and it facilitates enables to keep track of every minute they spend on the project; this means that even if a team member is unable to commute to work, they can work from home or elsewhere, and login the work done.

IPIX PMS also facilitates easy communication through the message board; it allows all the stakeholders (including the customer) to communicate about the project: work done, information or documents required, and more. This fosters greater collaboration, and helps in faster completion of tasks. Documents can be uploaded in the project management system itself, eliminating the need for convoluted email threads.

As customers are able to view the progress of the project, they are kept in the loop, and have the satisfaction of knowing that their work is being carried out right on track.

By providing a 360-degree view into the progress of a project, IPIX PMS helps businesses to ensure that a project gets completed in time. Managers can see which task is progressing smoothly, and which is lagging – accordingly they can reassign resources to that task to ensure its quick completion. When projects are delivered within time, it’s always a plus; no customer likes delays. Unforeseen circumstances may always arise, but with an efficient project management software like IPIX PMS, you can predict the additional time you may need, and communicate it with the customer well in advance so that they understand the situation and are prepared. This is much better than dropping it on the customer at the last moment.

We live in a fast-paced world where technologies, deigns, and tools become outdated faster than ever. It goes without saying that delays of any sort are therefore not tolerated well. A company that is able to deliver projects within or before the stipulated deadlines will always enjoy a good reputation, and satisfy, or even exceed customer expectations. IPIX PMS can help you do just that.

IPIX PMS has robust security protocols in place to ensure that sensitive information is not compromised. It is a cost-effective, scalable solution that can easily accommodate the needs of your growing business. If you’d like to implement IPIX PMS project management system software and take your business to the next level, just contact us today.